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We are a partner to our customers - the idea is that you should come to us no matter what you need help with regarding your jewelry. In our studio you will find expertise that extends over all needs. Whether you want to create a new piece of jewelry, rework an old gem, incorporate a jewel into a piece of jewelry, engrave or repair a piece of jewelry, or value a diamond or gemstone. No matter who you are or where you come from, you are warmly welcome to us.


At Jewellery SAFARI you will find your personal goldsmith. When you step through the door, you feel the creativity and passion that sits in the walls, you see the interior that reflects what we stand for. Hustle and bustle, passion and creativity. All our jewelry is created in our own studio and we are proud to have the opportunity to be involved all the way from sketch to finished product with each customer in the first place. We do not mass produce our jewelry and each piece of jewelry is created with great knowledge and accuracy which will give you a feeling of a special piece of jewelry - every time you look in the mirror or look at it. We who work at Jewellery SAFARI are trained goldsmiths and have many years of experience in the industry. We are also proud members of the association of Swedish Goldsmith Masters and the trade association for jewelry & watches. Associations act as a guarantor of our seriousness and that we conduct our business with the highest possible professional skills in the industry.

As for goldsmithing, we offer the following services in our studio:

  1. New production of jewelry
  2. Reworking the customer's own gold
  3. Jewelry repairs
  4. Re-dressing pearl necklace

Hand engraving

At Jewellery SAFARI we offer all types of hand engraving and we can proudly say that we are the only goldsmith who has his own hand engraving on site in Gothenburg. With us, you can talk directly to the hand engraver and get your hand engraving exactly the way you want it, without intermediaries. Together with the engraver, we develop a design and calculate a price.

Our skilled hand engraver offers the following services:

  • Engraving on the inside of rings
  • All forms of ornament engraving on jewelry
  • Engraving of bowls and trophies
  • Seal engraving
  • Monogram engraving
  • Pattern engraving
  • All types of text engraving

Jewel Mount

Jewellery SAFARI also has its own jewellery on site in the studio. All jewels, diamonds and gemstones are hand-encrated under the microscope by our own jeweller to achieve the highest possible precision and results. Our jeweller is trained internationally by some of the world's by far the most skilled jewellers. All in order for our customers to get the absolute best quality of their settings. The jeweller's job is extremely important as jewellery with gemstones must be properly framed about the jewellery to withstand everyday wear.

In our workshop, the following jewel making services are offered:

  • Gemstone/Gemstone Setting
  • Add more gemstones
  • Scope of loose gemstones
  • Bezel repair
  • Review existing setting


Valuation is important as many customers who inherit or rework their jewelry need the right valuation in order for the jewelry to be insured. We at Jewellery SAFARI offer valuation of all types of jewelry and gemstones. We also offer verification of authenticity as well as recertification of jewelry and precious stones. We also have a trained diamond grader on site who can help you check the quality of diamonds. We also have good collaborations with many gemologists and experts in valuation who can contribute if you wish.

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Jewelry is highly personal and should reflect both your personality but also your dreams and visions. For us, it is important that you get the time you need and therefore we wish you to book an appointment for consultation. Then we can promise that the time you visit us will be dedicated to you and your needs. A consultation is free of charge and without connections.

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