A sapphire with its blue depth, a ruby that burns with its red color, an emerald with its green and crackling color, or a tourmaline in any of the colors of the rainbow. No matter what kind of gemstone you are interested in, we can create amazing creations. Welcome to book a free consultation.

At Jewellery Safari we can offer all kinds of gemstones on the market. We have a large number of stones in stock and also order according to your wishes. You can also bring your gemstone to us and we will create a piece of jewelry based on your dreams. It is possible for us to re-sharpen gemstones to perfect proportions so that they have perfect luster and fire. We help you create a unique piece of jewelry with an incomparable gemstone that is honed to perfection. We also cooperate with Svenska Ädelstensssliperier so that you as a customer can be sure that your gemstone is ethically produced. Welcome to the Olympics at Jewellery Safari.

Sapphire & Ruby



Sapphire is a gemstone made from a mineral called corundum. A sapphire can actually be any color except red, but the most common type of sapphire is deep blue and is formed by combining iron and titanium. Sapphires are available both natural and synthetic, i.e. lab-grown. This gemstone is hard and durable which makes it excellent in all types of jewelry. In addition, it is clear and has a great luster. A ruby, like sapphire, consists of the mineral corundum. The ruby gets its characteristic red color through chromium oxide and it can be more or less red and that than the amount of chromium oxide that determines the color strength. Welcome to us to take a look at our range, alternatively bring your sapphire to us and let us together create a piece of jewelry you will use for the rest of your life.

An emerald has a beautiful, enchanting green color and gives life to any piece of jewelry. Unlike sapphire and ruby, an emerald is made up of beryll. The crystal has elements of both chromium, vanadium and iron, which is what gives the stone its characteristic green color. Emeralds, in their natural form, are highly sought after and thus also exclusive. Today, there are both naturally and synthetically (lab-grown) produced emeralds, the latter of which can definitely have the same good quality as naturally produced emerald. The stone is hard, snapped under sapphires and rubies. Due to the high level of expertise and experience we have at Jewellery Safari, we can offer grinding so that the stone gets the shape you want, as well as that it becomes clear and sparkling. A rock you will marvel at every day!

The tourmaline is the stone that can exhibit the most colors of all precious stones, from black to more or less colorless. There are also multi-colored stones, where one is never the same as the other. Its name also means just that – multicolored stone. The tourmaline is an exclusive color gemstone as relatively hard it makes it very suitable as a jewelry stone. Tourmalines over 5 carats are very rare and some color shades are among the most expensive gemstones on the market due to their beautiful color and rarity. Prices vary based mainly on uniqueness, supply and demand. The hardness is good and similar to emeralds, which makes it possible for us at Jewellery Safari to offer grinding as you get the shape and radiance you want.

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