Diamonds are a girl's best friend? Or? Whether Marilyn Monroe was right or wrong, the interest in diamonds remains high. Many seek knowledge and information on their own and sometimes come across information that is misleading. We believe that a personal contact who has a high profession and knowledge is of the utmost importance when buying your jewellery, whether it is an engagement ring or a diamond necklace. At Jewellery SAFARI we have many years of experience and high expertise when it comes to diamonds. Welcome to contact us or visit our lovely studio for a free consultation.

Diamond's 4 C

The quality of diamonds are usually referred to as the 4 C. It stands for colour, cut, clarity and carat. With us you will learn the basics about diamonds, among other things we will go through the following:

  • Diamonds 4 C. Color, cut, clarity and carat.
  • Diamond grades and quality.
  • Different diamond certificates, what they mean and how to determine its authenticity.
  • How different cuts give different character to the stone and which cut gives the stone the most brilliance.
  • Diamond prices and dealers.
  • The difference between man made diamonds and mined diamonds.
  • How to find the right stone for you. What is important to you as a customer? Should you wear the stone or stones in a diamond ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings or something else?
  • The meaning of the international terms R, TW, W, VVS, VS, SI and so on.

It is important for us that you will love your stone, that you feel something special every time you see it. Therefore, you are very welcome to visit our studio, feel free to make an appointment before arrival so we can guarantee you time for consultation. We will teach you what is good to know before choosing your diamond and you will have the opportunity to try, see and feel different types of diamonds, qualities and sizes.

Lab-grown diamonds

In recent years, the market for synthetic diamonds has begun to grow significantly, not least in the US, where the market is currently at its largest. Synthetic diamonds are also called man-made diamonds or lab-grown diamonds, and they are exactly what it sounds like, diamonds that have been artificially produced. Lab-grown diamonds are neither chemically nor physically different from natural diamonds, they both consist of the same crystallized carbon. Producing synthetic diamonds is a relatively old technique, but it has previously only been possible to produce smaller crystals, used mainly in various industries. In recent years, however, the technology has been refined to the point that it is now possible to control the process and thus obtain larger and cleaner crystals. The result of this progress has made the lab-grown diamonds a popular choice for jewellery. At present, there are two varieties of lab-grown diamonds, named after the two different techniques used to produce the diamonds. The HpHt which stands for High pressure High temperature, and the CVD which is short for Chemical Vapor Deposition. One of the advantages of lab-grown diamonds is that they cost less and that in many cases it is also an ethically better and more environmentally friendly product.

Buy your lab-grown diamonds with us

At Jewellery SAFARI we have chosen to offer all our customers the opportunity to buy lab-grown diamonds at the best price on the market. We have both the expertise and experience required to guide you in your purchase of lab-grown diamonds. For all lab-grown diamonds above 0.30ct, international certificates (IGI) are included. Read our Q&A to know more about lab-grown diamonds.

In order for you to get an understanding of the price of lab-grown diamonds, you will find price examples below. Below price example for lab-grown diamonds with certificates equivalent to natural diamonds with certificates.

0.30ct D-G ,vs4 500 kr7 200 kr
0.40ct D-G, vs6 500 kr11 800 kr
0.50ct D-G, vs7 500 kr21 500 kr
0.60ct D-G, vs8 200 kr27 500 kr
0.70ct D-G, vs9 750 kr37 500 kr
0.80ct D-G, vs11 800 kr48 000 kr
0.90ct D-G, vs15 500 kr73 000 kr
1ct, D-G, vs16 500 kr95 000 kr
1.2ct D-G20 000 kr138 000 kr
1.5ct D-G, vs30 000 kr200 000 kr

Please note that the above prices are examples to give you a clear picture of the market. The examples are based on the corresponding quality in natural diamond and as you can see, the price difference becomes more and more marked when the diamond becomes larger than 0.80ct.

Questions & answers about lab-grown diamonds

Do you see any difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds?

No, you can't tell the difference in quality or visually. It is important to remember that a synthetic diamond is still a diamond.

Why don't more lab-grown diamonds buy instead of natural diamonds?

Natural diamonds are still considered to be more exclusive due to the fact that they are more rare and that accessibility is becoming increasingly difficult as these finds are often difficult to access, which contributes to the fact that the production is more expensive. The aforementioned factors drive the price upwards and cause natural diamonds to rise in price over time and retain their value in the future. Lab-grown diamonds are more not as stable in their value, which means that over time they may fall in price.

Reasons to buy lab-grown diamonds? Especially if there is a risk that the diamond will lose value.

The issue is complex and several things should be taken into account when thinking about buying a diamond. Let's explain a little more about potential value losses.

Example 1 - when the customer buys a natural diamond

The customer buys a natural diamond of 1ct for SEK 95,000. 8 years later, the customer sells the diamond at auction and a diamond sold on the secondary market is often sold for about 60 percent below market value. In other words, the customer will get back around SEK 57,000, which means a loss of SEK 38,000.

Example 2 - when the customer buys an equivalent, lab-grown diamond

The customer buys a lab-grown diamond of 1ct for SEK 16,500. The customer wants to sell the diamond 8 years later and then chooses to sell it at auction. She gets pretty much nothing for the diamond but only for the gold in the ring. There will thus be a total depreciation of 100 percent, which means a loss of SEK 16,500.

When you look at the big picture, many realize that the customer who bought the lab-grown diamond loses less in the long run because they spent less money on the diamond in the first place. At the same time, they enjoyed the same beauty and durability of their ring. This equation is relevant for many sizes, but when the diamond grows too large, we believe that other things should be taken into account. For a more implemented explanation, you are warmly welcome to contact us, we are experts in diamonds.

Are there more benefits to buying lab-grown diamonds?

Natural diamonds are still associated today with conflicts, child labour and environmental degradation. It is improper marketing as the diamonds industry has evolved and changed and is today controlled and well managed. Many countries and their economies depend on the continuation of natural diamond trading, however, many customers feel a continued uncertainty towards natural diamonds. An excellent alternative is then a lab-grown, synthetic diamond, where you can rule out these uncertainties if you feel safe. The companies that market these diamonds also stress that the energy used for production is green electricity and thus produced in an energy-efficient way with minimal impact on the environment.

Does your price guarantee also apply to lab-grown diamonds?

Yes, of course, our price guarantee is also included for lab-grown diamonds. We want to be your supplier of diamonds and also in this area we sit on some of the world's largest databases for lab-grown diamonds.

Are the certificates for lab-grown diamonds as good as for the natural diamonds?

The market-leading certificate for natural diamonds is GIA certificate, due to the fact that they are considered to be of the highest and most reliable quality. The GIA certificate has become a guarantee to customers that their diamond is of a certain quality.

When it comes to lab-grown diamonds, the certificates are not as thorough. Since the price of the stones is low, many manufacturers focus on certifying their diamonds with IGI certificates, which are a cheaper alternative to GIA. A certification affects the price of the diamond and since GIA certificates have a higher price, in some cases they can be more expensive than the diamond itself. Therefore, many suppliers choose to settle for IGI as a quality guarantee.

No matter which diamond you buy, all diamonds are checked by our own diamond grader, which ensures that all diamonds are of the right quality regardless of where the certificate is chartered.

Be smart - use our price guarantee package

At Jewellery SAFARI, we work with total transparency when it comes to our diamond prices. Therefore, we have chosen to offer our customers a price guarantee on all diamonds. With us, you can buy your diamonds for the best price in a physical store from a professional staff trained in diamonds. But what does our price guarantee really mean? Read more about it below and then you will understand why you should choose to buy the jewellery of your dreams from us.


  • We source the best diamond at the best price on the market.
  • We educate you before the purchase.
  • We carry out a price comparison with the major market-leading sites on the net.
  • We match the price!
  • We design a personal ring with you according to your wishes. You are welcome to be part of the process and come up with your own suggestions.
  • 3D sketches included.
  • We 3D print the ring you have chosen so you can try it on before we make an original. It gives you the opportunity to ensure both size and shape.
  • We manufacture the ring in the selected precious metal.
  • We offer exclusive hand engraving in all rings.
  • We adjust the ring free of charge within 1 year, alternatively a free service of your ring when we clean and polish the ring, look over all diamonds and rhodium treat the ring if the material is white gold.

Our experience is that most people about to invest in diamonds try to educate themselves a little before making a purchase. Therefore, we have chosen to offer our expertise to you at no extra cost. Our trained diamond grader from Antwerp will guide you on site or by email, find the best prices, compare with the major online shopping sites and give you an offer at no costs. We also offer the possibility to design your personal dream ring, of course this is also included in the price guarantee package. So let us be your guide to the perfect diamond jewellery!

Questions & answers about our price guarantee

What does the price guarantee mean on the diamond?

We are experts in diamonds and therefore we can offer a price guarantee on all our diamonds, which means that whether you find a diamond cheaper online or in a physical store, nationally or internationally, we match the price. Of course, with equivalent GIA certificate.

How can you offer such good prices for your diamonds?

We have extensive experience in the diamond industry and have therefore also developed a network of contacts that allows us to trade all diamonds for the best price on the market, without intermediaries. In addition, we believe that all diamonds have a market value and pricing should therefore be set according to an international standard.

Are the diamonds you offer in your price guarantee the same quality as those on those online players?

All diamonds we offer have a GIA certificate, and usually we can offer the same identical certificates that can be found on the major online trading sites that sell diamonds. If we get access to the number listed in the certificate, we can offer you that particular diamond and in most cases we can even offer a better option for even better price.

How come you can offer the exact same diamonds?

In general, virtually all diamonds that you find on the major online trading sites can be found on various international databases. This means that if you have access to these databases, you have access to the exact same diamonds. We have just that and obtain the largest databases in diamonds in the world.

It's the first time I've been shopping for a diamond can you help me find the best diamond for the best price and offer me a price guarantee?

Yes of course we can, we believe that all customers have the right to get the best price on their purchase of diamonds. Together with us, we can compare the price of the major players and develop the best alternative for you and usually we can also offer a better price than the competition.

I do not live in Gothenburg but would like to shop from you can you guide me and develop a diamond and design a ring?

Absolutely we can, you can email us or call and we will book a digital consultation we can also offer skype calls. During the meeting, we listen to your wishes and help you get the best diamond option for a cheaper price on the market.

Can you also offer a price guarantee on the ring?

Yes! Our price guarantee includes a complete package so yes we can do that. The customer chooses whether they want to buy only the diamond or if they want to buy a whole including the ring.

Do I need to buy any insurance for my diamond ring?

Great question! In the search for information and the right price for the diamond ring, you usually forget about the insurance issue that is very important. Most often, home insurance covers most rings purchase value a maximum of SEK 50,000. However, we recommend that you always check the terms of your home insurance so you know what applies to you. In addition, many insurance companies have chosen to only replace jewelry purchased in the Nordic countries. We also offer a jewelry insurance at an extra cost for slightly more expensive rings.

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