The following terms and conditions of purchase apply when using the website

Jewellery Safari is operated by SFR Design AB with organization number 559086-9979 and is the supplier of all goods ordered through the website.

1. Definitions

1.1 "Agreement" means these Terms of Purchase.

1.2 "Order" means any order placed by Customer on the Website.

1.3 "Customer" means the natural person who orders Products on the Website.

1.4 "Product(s)" means the Products provided for sale on the Website and supplied by Jewellery Safari.

1.5 The "Website" means jewellery Safari Website

2. Confirmation

2.1 In order to enable the purchase of products on the Website, the Customer must accept all the terms of this Agreement and enter the information required at checkout to make a purchase.

2.2 The Customer accepts the terms of purchase by providing information at checkout when a purchase is made.

2.3 An individual may not purchase products on the Website nor may they accept the terms of purchase if: (a) the individual is not 18 years of age and therefore unable to enter into a binding contract with Safari Jewellery; or (b) the individual is prevented from receiving products or using the Website under the laws of the country in which the Customer resides or from which he or she uses the Website.

2.4 In addition to this agreement, the Customer is bound by the general terms and conditions set out in the Privacy Policy.

3. Data security

3.1 Jewellery Safari protects the Customer's personal privacy and has high security requirements to prevent intrusion by unauthorized persons. In connection with the use of the website for ordering products, the Customer may be asked to provide certain information about himself, such as: name, username, e-mail address, telephone number, postal address m.m.

Such information about the Customer is private and confidential. Jewellery Safari will not disclose such information to unauthorized persons. However, Jewellery Safari may disclose information to authorities if there is a suspicion of a crime or if it is otherwise provided for by law.

3.2 Jewellery Safari processes the personal data provided by the Customer in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Jewellery Safari will process personal data for the following purposes:

  1. (a) for the supply of products and the administration of orders;
  2. (b) for quality work, analysis and development of products;
  3. c) for marketing directed to the Customer or for offers to the Customer related to Jewellery Safari's products, or products and services provided or marketed by Jewellery Safari's partners;
  4. d) to publish statistics on the products
  5. e) for the fulfilment of obligations under law or decisions of public authorities;

3.3 Jewellery Safari is the legal entity that is the data controller of the Customer's personal data. The Customer has the right, upon written request to Jewellery Safari, to receive information about what personal data about the Customer Jewellery Safari stores and processes.

The customer also has the right to request that incorrect data be corrected, blocked or deleted. The Customer may further, at any time, notify in writing that the Customer does not wish to receive direct marketing in the form of advertisements.

4. Use of cookies

4.1 Jewellery Safari uses "cookies" to optimize the functioning of the website and to customize it according to the wishes of the Customer. A cookie is a text file that is either temporarily placed on the Customer's data memory (a "temporary cookie") or is placed on the Customer's hard drive (a "persistent cookie") through a browser server. Cookies are not used to run programs or to spread viruses to your computer.

4.2 The purpose of a cookie is to tell a web server that you have returned to a particular page. When the Customer returns to the website, cookies enable Jewellery Safari to retrieve information previously provided by the Customer, so that the Customer can easily use the functions that they have adapted.

5. Order & order confirmation

5.1 All sales and purchases under this Agreement shall be designated as an "Order". An Order will only be accepted in accordance with these Terms of Purchase.

5.2 The Customer places an Order on the Website by placing the Product(s) in the "Shopping Cart" and then selecting the payment method. The customer must also fill in personal and delivery information and choose the shipping method. To confirm the purchase, the customer must agree to the terms of purchase and click on the "Complete Purchase" button.

5.3 Once the Order is completed, the Customer will receive an "Order Confirmation" by e-mail. Please double-check the spam if the order confirmation has not been received. The Order Confirmation contains all information about the Product(s), price(s) of the Product(s) including VAT (in case of delivery within the EU) and other charges, delivery date, delivery costs, payment terms, information about the Customer's right of withdrawal (as set out in Section 14 below), applicable warranties and other services provided by Jewellery Safari and conditions for cancellation of the Order.

For shipments outside the EU, the order confirmation does not include local fees or duties. These costs are to be paid by the customer to local authorities.

6. Delivery

6.1 The Products are normally delivered within the time specified from time to time by Jewellery Safari for the specific Product, unless otherwise agreed or specified in the Order Confirmation, and delivered to the Customer by trackable shipment ("Delivery"). Jewellery Safari reserves the right for any adjustment of delivery time.

6.2 For delivery outside Sweden's borders, we ask the Customer to contact Jewellery Safari.

6.3 The risk of the Product passes to the Customer when delivery has been made in accordance with section 8.1 above.

7. Delay

7.1 There is a delay on Jewellery Safari's side if the Product(s) are not delivered on time and the delay is not due to the Customer or other reasons for which the Customer is not responsible, or in case of force majeure.

7 .2 In the event of delay, the Customer has the right to withhold payment and demand that the Order be fulfilled or, if the delay is of material importance, cancel the Order.

8. Liability for errors

8.1 A Product is defective if the Product deviates from what is stated in the Order or in any other respect deviates from the Customer's legitimate expectations on the basis of the information provided by Jewellery Safari.

8.2 The Product shall also be considered defective if Jewellery Safari has failed prior to the sale to inform the Customer of a matter relating to the characteristics or use of the Product of which Jewellery Safari knew or should have known, and of which the Customer may reasonably expect to be informed, provided that such failure can be presumed to have affected the purchase.

8.3 If a product is faulty, the Customer has the right to request repair, re-delivery, price reduction or compensation to correct the defect, withhold payment or, if the defect is of material importance to the Customer, cancel the purchase.

8.4 Jewellery Safari is primarily entitled to offer repair or re-delivery if this can be done within a reasonable time and without any additional costs for the Customer.

8.5 Jewellery Safari is only responsible for original defects, which means that the defect existed before the time the Product was purchased or delivered. Within a period of six (6) months, the defective product is deemed to possess an original defect to be rectified by Jewellery Safari at no cost to the customer, unless Jewellery Safari can prove that the defect did not exist at the time of purchase. After this six-month period, the Customer must show that the product was defective at the time of delivery.

9. Complaints & errors

9.1 The Customer must complain about the faulty Product to Jewellery Safari within a reasonable time after the defect has been discovered ("Complaint").

9.2 The Customer must notify Jewellery Safari, orally or in writing, why he or she believes that the Product is faulty. If the Complaint is made within two (2) months of the defect being discovered, the Complaint shall be deemed to have been made on time. After three (3) years, the Customer loses its right to claim defects in the Product, provided that no warranty with a longer period has been given.

9.3 Customer complains by ordering a return form from Jewellery Safari, filling in the return form and returning it together with the faulty Product to Jewellery Safari with traceable shipment.

9.4 Jewellery Safari will reimburse the Customer for costs associated with the complaint provided that the product(s) are faulty or the Customer has received a product other than the one ordered.

9.5 If repair or re-delivery does not take place within a reasonable time after the Complaint has been made, the Customer has the right to demand a price reduction or cancel the purchase of the Product in question.

9.6 Cancellation of the purchase is made by sending an e-mail to

Upon cancellation of the purchase of the product in question, the Customer shall return the product in accordance with the Complaint procedure set out in section 9.3 above.

In the event of complaints, the Consumer Purchase Act (1990:932) is applied and in the event of a dispute, Jewellery Safari follows the General Complaints Board's recommendations

9.7 From the time the Customer has collected their order, it is otherwise 30 days open purchase. When changing the product or size, the customer must submit the product as a return, and then place a new order via the website. The customer is responsible for the return cost.

10. Prices

10.1 Price(s) of the product(s) are stated in the order confirmation.

10.2 All prices in the Order Confirmation are stated in Swedish kronor and include the applicable VAT (currently 25%) and other possible taxes on delivery within the EU. Customers who order products from countries outside Sweden may also be required to pay customs duties. Customs duties are not included in the prices and all additional customs duties must be paid by the Customer to customs or the corresponding authority in the country where the Product(s) are finally delivered.

10.3 The prices stated on the Website and in each order confirmation are indicated with reservation for increased supplier costs, printing errors, other incorrectly stated specifications and for clearances.

10.4 Offers, promotions or influencer codes cannot be used on previous purchases or in combination with other offers, promotions or discount codes.

11. Payment

11.1 Payment can be made by credit card or debit card or invoice payment or partial payment in cooperation with Klarna. The invoice is administered and handed over to Klarna AB, which is the payee, please see for more information. When paying by credit card, the amount will be charged directly.

11.2 By providing information at checkout, you agree to Klarna's terms and conditions, which can be read here:

11.3 The Product(s) are the property of Jewellery Safari until full payment has been made.

12. Contact

12.1 Communication between the Customer and Jewellery Safari and vice versa, is by e-mail, telephone or letter, as follows:

Jewellery Safari


Phone: +46 (0)762 87 16 95

Address: Alfhemsgatan 3, Gothenburg 413 10


Via the email, phone number and address most recently provided to Jewellery Safari

13. Force majeure

13.1 Jewellery Safari shall be released from liability for failure to perform any of its obligations due to a circumstance that impedes, delays or aggravates the performance of an obligation under this Agreement, such as actions or omissions of authorities, new or amended legislation, conflict in the labor market, blockade, fire, flood, lack of means of transport, goods or energy or major accidents, as well as failure or delay in connection with deliveries from subcontractors caused by such circumstances ("Force Majeure").

13.2 When Jewellery Safari wishes to invoke an event of Force Majeure, Jewellery Safari shall notify the Customer without undue delay.

14. Changes & additions to the terms of purchase

14.1 Jewellery Safari reserves the right to make changes to the Terms of Purchase at any time. If/when changes are made to the Terms of Purchase, these will be made available on

14.2 Jewellery Safari reserves the right, at any time, to take changes and actions, immediately and without prior information, due to legislation or regulations of authorities.

15. Applicable Law & Dispute Management

15.1 Swedish law shall apply to the agreement.

15.2 Disputes arising from the agreement shall be settled by the Swedish general court.